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Role of Theory in the Search for the Electron Electric Dipole Moment
Professor Bhanu Pratap Das (Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bangalore, India)
Date and time
24th, Jun, 2014, Tue,15:30-16:30
South Building 5F 503 Room
Atomic and molecular theory has been successfully applied to a number of fundamental problems in physics. One of the latest examples being its application to the search of the electric dipole moment (EDM) of the electron.

My talk will touch upon the connection between the EDM of the electron and the standard model of particle physics and also time-reversal violation which implies CP violation via the CPT theorem. The manifestation of the electric dipole moment of the electron in atoms and molecules will be discussed. The major emphasis will be on the application of a unique relativistic many-body theory of atoms and molecules and its crucial role in obtaining a limit for the electron EDM to probe the standard model of particle physics.
Prof. Koichiro Asahi