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Entanglement perturbation theory: idea, success and challenge
Professor Sung G. Chung (Physics Department, Western Michigan University)
Date and time
19th, Jun, 2014, 16:00-17:30
H239, Main Building, O-Okayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Strong correlation has been an important key word in condensed matter physics and related fields. The so-called mean-field-theories qualitatively fail in such strongly correlated systems, and one resorts to methods such as numerical simulation, Monte Carlo and numerical renormalization group. The former two have a limitation in the system size while in the last the Hilbert space is systematically truncated to handle a macroscopic system. The numerical-RG has thus attracted much attention with significant success in physics, chemistry and other science fields, but its apparent lack of accuracy in two space dimensions has become clear over the last two decades. In this talk, I will introduce entanglement perturbation theory (EPT) as a novel, purely algebraic and non-RG many-body method. I will discuss its basic idea, progress so far, and its future prospect.
Prof. Hidekazu Tanaka (3541)